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New Year’s Eve in Venice at Laguna Libre

Are you looking for the best place where to spend New Year’s Eve in Venice?
Laguna Libre is welcoming you at its charming design spaces for an unforgettable night. Our offer includes a special nine-courses dinner where traditional Italian and creative cuisine melt in unique flavors and beautifully presented dishes from our Chef Paco Ndyaie and quality live music from our Venice Jazz Club will make your evening even more pleasant.

The Menu 

Welcome appetizer

  • Drink Piña colada 2017
  • Various Canapé


  • Semolino Canederli served with roasted scallops, parsley and lemon cream
  • Green pepper roasted duck breast, eggplant mousse and bi-color peppers 

First course

  • Lobster risotto with shellfish sauce 
  • Beef stew ravioli, parmesan sauce and laurel essence

Main Course

  • Sea bass fillet cartouche with roasted vegetables and leek sauce

Intermezzo Granite grappa with its foam

  • Marinated Beef fillet with almonds milk and Meldon salt, with quince mixed Sprouts e and pomegranate syrup


  • Dreaming Venice (almonds crick crock, hazelnut cream, creme caramel, pistachio biscuit, bitter orange)

Happy new year

  • Lentils, cotechino and tangerines

Bread centerpiece 
Bread and Bread Sticks, Ricotta and curry bread, Millet bread, Spinach bread , Sesame crackers, Olives crackers, Tomato flat bread

Gerardo Balestrieri Piano and voice
Alberto Seggi sax and contrabass

120€ for person, escluded wines a la carte, or our wine paring.

The dinner starts at 8.00 p.m.



ph + 39 0412440031 

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