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Carnival Party in Venice

The Laguna Libre opens its doors to the Carnival with a fun and fascinating proposal that will involve the taste and curiosity of those who want to fully experience the Venetian Carnival.
Laguna Libre is the first Ecosteria of Venice, which in addition to offering an innovative and sustainable dining format, hosts numerous musical and cultural events in its spacious rooms.
Guest of one of the historic palaces of Venice, former embassy of France during the Serenissima Republic of Venice and home to Jean-Jacques Rousseau and other philosophers of his caliber; requalified and renovated to offer the historic Fondamenta di Cannaregio quality restaurants.
On the occasion of the long-awaited Venetian Carnival, the Laguna Libre restaurant organizes a calendar of special events, dedicated to good food, elegance and fun for an unforgettable evening.

Our Program:

Thursday 8 February – Giovedì grasso in Maschera – Masquerade party with rich buffet and live music to dance
Friday 9 FebruaryBurlesque Carnival – Party with Burlesque show during and after dinner
Saturday 10 February– Party con Mediterranean Ensemble in concerto – Music from the Mediterranean and a great desire to go wild
Tuesday 13 FebruaryMartedì Grasso in Maschera – For the closure of the carnival period, Laguna Libre organizes a large masked party with dinner and live music to dance and celebrate until the end of the evening in style.


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