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urania – ANNAMARIA REDOLFI Art exhibition at Laguna Libre

The Art Room of the Laguna Libre restaurant is pleased to host the art exhibition URANIA by Annamaria Redolfi.
After her presence among the artists of the previous exhibition “Tutti i Nomi”, the artist Annamaria Redolfi exhibits her works with an exhibition entitled URANIA.

After the opening on March 2 that saw the artist Annamaria Redolfi together with Francesca Brandes and Mariateresa Sega, the exhibition will be available to all those who want to visit it until April 20th.

“uranie  –   reti da pesca pescano nel vuoto e nel cielo stellato,

poveri lavori femminili intrisi di tutta la loro arte e di tutto il loro nascondimento,

li tendo il più possibile perché li attraversi il respiro”.   Annamaria Redolfi

Annamaria Redolfi was born in Venice in September 1950.

Her artistic activity led her to undertake a path of aesthetic botanical research, which slowly went on to cross into an anthropological observation of the female world.


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